CARINA (CARbon dioxide IN the Atlantic Ocean) data synthesis project
COCOS Coordination Action Carbon Observing System
EPOCA European Project on Ocean Acidification
ECO2 ECO2 – Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems
GCP Global Carbon Project
GEOSS Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)
GLODAP Global Ocean Data Analysis Project
GOOS Global Ocean Observing System
ICOS Integrated Carbon Observation System
IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Program
IMBER Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research
IOCCP International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project
IPCC Intergovernmental panel on climate change
SCOR Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
SOCAT    Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas
SOCCLI The role of Southern Ocean Carbon cycle under CLImate change
SOLAS Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study
Surface Ocean Carbon A place for those measuring surface Ocean pCO2 to share information
U.S. CCSP U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program
UNESCO-IOC Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
Geophysical Institute and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
University of Bergen